2022 Partners

Platinum Sponsor

Virtusa Corporation is a global provider of digital business strategy, engineering, and IT services that help clients change, disrupt, and unlock new value through innovation engineering. As technology pushes the boundary, so does Virtusa’s healthcare and life sciences practice by pioneering solutions that address the changing needs of payers, providers, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, and government organizations. Leveraging digital technologies and trends, we work with healthcare and life sciences organizations worldwide to solve some of the hardest challenges of the industry and create solutions that transform potential into reality and help improve the quality of care. Our exceptional quality in digital engineering and transformational IT capabilities help us deliver excellence so that our clients never have to worry about increased cost of care, industry consolidation, and regulatory compliance. We work with:

    ✧ 8 of the top 10 US Healthcare Insurers
    ✧ Over 150 Hospital Systems
    ✧ 6 of the top 15 Pharmaceutical Companies
    ✧ 9 of the top 15 Medical Device and Distributors
For more information, please visit http://www.virtusa.com/industry/healthcare-lifesciences or write to us at [email protected]

GOLD Sponsor

Founded in 2006 by industry veterans with first-hand experience, CODY® is a leading provider of healthcare technology and consulting services. We have worked with over 70 government-funded, commercial, and ACA health plans across 50 states and Puerto Rico to support an estimated 50 million health plan members. CodySoft® and Synchronicity™, our comprehensive suites of proprietary software, are designed to enhance operations, mitigate compliance risk, and streamline communications across the enterprise.

We bridge the gap between government agencies and plan sponsors to provide a unique “end-to-end enterprise solution” exclusively for health plans to maximize operational performance and deliver a better experience to serve plan members. Our wealth of industry knowledge and hands-on experience led us to develop practical “innovative firsts” and “best-in-class solutions” to help improve regulatory compliance and alleviate the challenges health plans face.

As CMS increases its oversight of the processing of Appeals and Grievancess, health plans face rising penalties for violations and run the risk of immediate sanctions (suspension of enrollment and marketing) for systemic failure to comply with Compliance Program requirements, including oversight of their FDRs. Now more than ever, the ability to meet mandates and follow protocol with better efficiency and transparency is crucial.

The CodySoft® Appeals and Grievancess Module® automates workflows, increases productivity, improves outcomes, and reduces compliance risk. The system supports the centralized capture of required information upfront to decrease backend work—allowing more time for Quality Assurance (QA) rather than data gathering. It automates CMS Universe requirements for ODAG and CDAG universes specific to Appeals and Grievancess and supports CMS Program Audit performance. It also provides output of the data required for upload to HPMS for Annual Part C and D Reporting specific to Appeals and Grievancess.

Inovaare transforms complex compliance processes by designing configurable solutions so healthcare organizations can collect real-time data across internal and external departments, creating one compliance management system. Inovaare's comprehensive suite of HIPAA-compliant software solutions features best-practice regulatory processes to help healthcare organizations efficiently meet their unique business requirements, sustain audit readiness, reduce non-compliance risks and lower overall operating costs. www.inovaare.com

Bronze Sponsor

With industry-leading technology proven to increase productivity and reduce operating costs, Kiriworks has been helping organizations transform how they do business for more than 50 years. Designed specifically to address the demands facing today’s healthcare payer, Kiriworks end-to-end A&G solutions streamline complex appeals and grievance processes, easily managing volume while ensuring compliance and elevating member satisfaction. Learn more at Kiriworks.com